Acting: The Meisner Technique

The Meisner Technique teaches actors to “Live truthfully under imaginary circumstances." This is a professional course for the serious actor and acting student. All adult students are welcome.
For the serious actor and acting students looking for a professional level course. This is a two-year program of the Meisner technique, taught on an ongoing basis in two month increments.


The Meisner Technique was created by Sanford Meisner in New York City in the 1930’s. It is a technique that is typically a 2-year program and teaches actors to «Live truthfully under imaginary circumstances». The course is divided into three different levels. All adult students are welcome.

Beginning, Level One:

(6 months) The actor sheds old habits and acquires new ones through a series of exercises designed to connect the performers to a greater understanding of themselves. The actor procures the art of listening which is the most important thing in acting. At the end of this level the actor advances with a «BLACKOUT» scene.

Intermediate, Level Two

(6 months) The actor takes all the tools acquired from the beginning level and incorporates them into a scene. This level consists of deep scene study. The actor learns what a «FIRST READING» is; the art of paraphrasing when doing a first reading and how it brings the actor to a better understanding of the character and experience of the moment. The actor will also gain the knowledge and experience of the emotional life of a character through «EMOTIONAL PREP». Emotional prep will help the actor establish a foundation from which their emotional life can be accessed when called upon during a performance. The actor will also gain the knowledge and experience of blocking when doing a scene.

Advanced Level Three:

(6 months) The advanced level deals with intense character study. Actors will be required to dive deep into their psyche and confront emotionally difficult character pieces. This overall course is for the advanced actor who has shown the willingness to go above and beyond for the character they embody. The actors will perform and demonstrate scene after scene, understanding of the text in the script, knowledge of movement and motivation for their actions.

When and where?

Intro to Meisner: Tuesdays 12 to 3 pm
Intermediate Meisner: Monday and Wednesday 6 to 9 pm
Centro Cultural Británico, Barrio Escalante


60.000 per month (beginner) / 120.000 per month (intermediate)

Recommended level:

B1+ and above

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